Your skin is your fotress, Virtual Acne.

Your Skin is Your Fortress.

Our skin is our body’s fortress. There for we should love the skin we are in. There are many tips and tricks to maintaining healthy skin but the one I’d love to touch on as this year starts to move along is water. Our body needs water to function from a day to day basis. Not enough water and you can find your skin feeling a little dry, flaky, and non-elastic. Not only can dehydration play a role in the way your skin looks and feels, but the weather has a major effect as well. So combine the blustery winter months with lack of fluid retention and you could have yourself a nice little cocktail for a skin disaster.

It is recommended to drink up to 8 cups of water a day but there are many factors that weigh in on whether more or less is adequate enough for you. Nobody knows our own body better than we do but if your thirst mechanism is kicking in, pick up a glass of water. You’ll be glad you did and so will your skin.

And more importantly don’t forget to moisturize. Hydration is what allows our skin to function at its peak performance. Regular moisturizing will help keep your skin feeling healthy and looking its best. So pick up that water bottle and apply that moisturizer daily to further protect your skin from becoming dehydrated on a hot summer day or cold winter month, because what’s better than healthy glowing skin?

-Meagan Hegler


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